BNB wins tournament in Slovenia


Bad News Bombers won the second ESSL tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a hot tournament (30 degrees celcius and more) with a lot of close games. This time even the Bombers had to fight for a win in some games but at the end they showed how strong their line up is and won the final game 21 to 4 against the Guzzlers Europe.

A big surprise were the Toros. They improved compared to the last tournament and won against PGS in the second round of the double elimination. They were also close to win their next game. Finally, they finished on 6th place of the tournament in Ljubljana.

Best Hitter in Ljubljana: William Mueller, Bombers, AVG .833
Best Pitcher in Ljubljana: Jürgen Haunschmidt, PGS, OBA .368

Final Rankings ESSL Slovenia
1. Bad News Bombers
2. Guzzlers Europe
3. Los Coyotes
4. Bulldogs
5. Dream Team
6. Toros
7. PGS
8. Los Titanes

Top 10 Hitters Tournament Ljubljana, Slovenia



ESSL Switzerland
July 11th/12th in Bern, Switzerland




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